About Us

Miscreef is your place to get best faux fur slippers for women in your family. Here we recognize the need for perfect soft comfort slippers for ladies, to offer them comfort, style and beautiful designs without compromising with quality.
Miscreef is the one stop destination where the collection of fur slippers for women can fascinate and satisfy every buyer. Moreover, the soft comfort slippers for women here are very affordable that can fit in the budget of every buyer.

We honor ourselves on producing the most comfortable fur slippers for women, with array of designs, patterns, shade range and last but not the least our slippers are light weighted and warm that can save your feet from harsh winters. We emphasize on creating flip-flop slippers that can provide the benefits of all the foot wears in one, so that the money of people can be saved. Yes, you have heard it right; you can wear our slippers in winters, summers, indoor and can be worn outside too. One pair of slippers is packed with such ample of advantage.

Customer gratification is our main goal, and we are obsessed with it because providing our customers with the best product was our mission to accomplish. We also recognized our passion to execute; progress and performance motivate us to meet the expectations of our customers and to maintain them. Our commitment towards our work or to create an indestructible relationship with our customers brings us a long way.

It all started in 2013, when a 15 year old guy noticed his mother and other wearing normal thong strap flip flops with socks while working at home in extreme winters. His main concern was that flip-flops available in market are comfortable, stable, and cozy enough?  Then he made up his mind to find something warm that can cover the feet and protect them from cold. After a lot of research, he found an idea to import soft fur home slippers that were not introduced in India yet. He did study on multiple fabrics, furs and sole materials that can keep one’s feet warm and safe.

He strives to keep the slippers comfortable to avoid foot pain and strain on feet. He did study on multiple fabrics, furs and sole materials that can keep one’s feet warm and safe. He transmits all his requirements to the manufacturer country i.e., fabric, fur, sole material, rubber and threads etc.  He was devoted to providing all the benefits that lacks in indoor slippers for women and to provide all the supportive features required by feet to function in a proper way. Initially it was a bit challenging for him, to get all the features accommodated in just one type of slippers, but his efforts got the result eventually.

Afterwards, He was extremely passionate to start his work online and wanted to start selling his cute slippers to other ladies as well. In order to expand his business, he introduced best soft home slippers for ladies India in the name of the brand Miscreef which can be bought by anyone in their budget. At first, brand awareness was a hard row to hoe, for a person who belongs to a middle-class family. So, he decided to begin with other e-commerce platforms such as Flipkart or Amazon.

He started selling soft home slippers for ladies Flipkart. After his constant efforts, finally Miscreef got recognition on Flipkart and he started getting multiple orders in a day. When the demand thrives among the people, for the best soft slippers for ladies, he had to double up his inventory in warehouse. After the gradual growth, Miscreef became certified Seller on Flipkart which is a leading e-commerce website. With his passion, integrity, and commitment, he has achieved various milestones throughout the whole process. Moreover, nothing can stop him to achieve more in his life as he is determined to give the best to the customers.

After the four years of success, he wanted to launch a website of his own brand Miscreef to vend house wear slippers for ladies and to provide the comfort and care, our feet deserve. The growth didn’t stop him here as he believes in progress, growth and action.  On Miscreef’s website you can choose from the array of designs, colors and features which can fit in everyone’s Budget. The main idea to introduce a website is to avoid the interference of intermediators to ensure the security and privacy of the customers. He always tries to give the best to his customers in order to maintain their interest and satisfaction.

Our further goal is to expand our business around the globe to enable our sustainable growth and development. We aim at producing soft comfort slippers for ladies in our own country to increase opportunities of employment in our home country instead of importing our products. Although our home slippers for ladies are best rated on Flipkart, but that is not all, our team is always intrigued to learn new things or what they can do to get better. Passion of our team motivates us to accomplish the goals, carry out better process and teamwork.